Sip and paint night- Eiffel tower

Posted on: 11, Apr 2019


Address: Art and Bonding 3F, No. 22 Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

If you are alone in Kuala Lumpur and are an artist, then you must visit the Sip and paint night near the Eiffel tower in the city. The event focuses on unleashing the inner artist in you while you relax and socialize with your fellow attendants. The event’s main attraction is complimentary glass of wine for everyone who participates. Moreover,there are unlimited non-alcoholic drinks for everyone. The event will provide a full canvas of 30×40 dimensions with all sorts of painting accessories. The painting accessories include acrylic paint, apron, brushes and a color palette along with everything else required. The event faces heavy crowd of people therefore, prior booking of tickets and payment is required for gaining entry within the event.

The event is going to be held on 13th April 2019 from 8PM to 11PM according to Malaysian Standard time. On 11th April there is also a Sip and Paint date night for couples and families. In this event the participants need to paint their partners. This is a great event for those who are visiting it with friends, BFFs or their lovers. The event on 12th April 2019 will begin with an abstract art painting called Twilight Reflection. While on 14th April 2019, the event will end with a family jigsaw painting.

The event mainly focuses on bonding and people meet. It is important because we are so busy in our lives that we don’t realize the importance of the moment we are living in. therefore the organizers have kept it very clear that no painting and artistic skills are required. You just have to be there and paint anything that comes in your mind. If you are alone, this event comes as a boon for socializing with local people and tourists. While you are alone, there is a great possibility that you might be looking for some company in Kuala Lumpur. You must solicit one of the Malaysia agency. They are beautiful and experienced in satisfying men’s needs. You can also take one of the Malaysia golden escort to the Sip and Paint night for a little bit of socializing. They would love to see your artistic skills and who knows, you might score a real Malaysia golden escort at such places because they are often found to visit such places in search of foreigners and artists.

You can paint them during the Sip and Paint date night and impress them. These Malaysia golden escort are extremely beautiful and have expertise over various sexual activities and massages. They can give you the best Asian, French and other sorts of massages to unveil your chakras! You can make love to them while both of you sip wine from the sip and paint event. The Malaysia golden escorts love getting girlfriend experiences so you must try them for the same. We bet you that they will satisfy you beyond your expectations and any other girl’s caliber. Have sensual oral sex or any of the anal activities whichever suits you the best. You can ask her to give a blowjob to sooth your manhood. We know how much you love blowjobs don’t you? The Sip and Paint event aims at your complete mind refreshment from the daily monotonous job. You won’t like to get old without memories right? That’s why it is better to get kinky with one of the Malaysia golden escort before you get all wrinkles! Just head over to your nearest escort agency in Kuala Lumpur and book yourself a beautiful and charming escort for accompanying you to the Sip and paint event! Hurry up!

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